Best Portable Bikes

Ever wanted to ride in a park with your awesome 5-speed bicycle and wanted to pack up and go to another park that might be 20 miles away? but perhaps you don’t want the hassle of having to carry a bike trailer everytime you wanted to go to a new park or trail?
Maybe you should look into getting a portable bicycle. I got one 3 months ago and I’ve never gotten so much fun exercise in my life. I can finally hit 5 of my most favorite trails at once.

So the first trail is 5 miles away, the second trail is 15 miles away, and the next one is 21 miles away. So I am able to spend 30 min on the first trail, come back to my car, pack up my portable bike and then I go to the next one.

Make sure to have your portable stand and pump ready because you’d want to make sure that your bike can chill sometimes because especially for me I am passionate about taking photographs and when I see a scenery that I love, I park my bike and take a snapshot of an awesome photograph.

This is one of my favorite past time of all time, it allows me to get an awesome exercise as well as exercise my artistic side. ANd let me tell you I’ve gotten some of the best photographs now because I am able to take my portable bike everywhere I go.

Its one of the most rewarding investments I’ve ever made. It’s just so damn fun. I am going to share more of my adventures real soon. I got some pictures of deer and wild birds the other day, and I am using one of the photographs as my desktop background.


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